​​The Fancy Tales

Muggins was practically born with a crayon in hand. Really. Her mother swallowed a box of them before Muggins was born, wanting her daughter’s nine months to be filled with color. As a little kid, Muggins spent most evenings in the garden looking up at the stars and asking, “When are you coming back for me?” In the meantime (she continues to wait) Muggins became a visual artist. Her career began when she painted her first dog. Literally. The dog belonged to a neighbor who complained when his Labradoodle came home covered in stripes of blue, purple and green paint. Muggins currently lives with her dog, Saturn, in an even further faraway universe called Brooklyn. For more info on the "real" muggins, check out Maggie's website at: www.maggiecousins.com

Weecee began telling stories before she could walk. Crawling along, she would make up tales as she bumped into furniture, ignoring the bruises until she finished each story. Weecee shared these stories with anyone who would listen. Most often, the only one who would listen was her pet goldfish Fred. And it was Fred who encouraged Weecee to write these stories down. Weecee continues to write stories in the sunny apartment she shares with Fred in the far, faraway land called Manhattan. For more info on the "real" Weecee, check out Felice's website at: www.felicecohen.com


(a.k.a. Felice Cohen)


(a.k.a. Maggie Cousins)

Written by Weecee       and       Illustrated by Muggins